Pastels in Plein Air Over Arizona

Recently, I traveled with a dear friend, Peg Vasil, to Arizona.  Peg has been to the Sedona area several times and so was familiar with all of the best spots to see and paint. It was a wonderful time with a chance to paint every day.  The “red rocks” of Sedona is one of the most beautiful landmarks I’ve visited and an artist never lacks for subject matter.  In fact, the whole town is noted for its art.  Why, you can even eat at “Picasso Pizza” with their slogan “Where Pizza is Art”.  I highly recommend it!
“Cathedral Rocks” was painted during our stay in Sedona, Arizona in May of this year.
Cathedral Rocks - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Cathedral Rocks – 9 X 12 – Pastel
This next painting was a plein air piece painted from the balcony of our room high above Sedona. It was a chance to paint the evening sunlight on those gorgeous red rocks.
Balcony View - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Balcony View – 9 X 12 – Pastel
 Also interesting to paint was a rock formation called Coffee Pot Rock, named for it’s resemblance to a coffee pot.  However, certain times of the day, when the light hit the rocks, Peg and I thought it resembled the profile of an Indian more than a coffee pot.  At any rate, it was still fun to paint.
Coffee Pot Rock - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Coffee Pot Rock – 9 X 12 – Pastel
After a couple of days painting in Sedona and visiting some art galleries we traveled on up to the Grand Canyon. Plenty of painting there! It was hard to make up my mind what to paint first!
The weather was cool, windy, but sunny.  We painted among the tourists and always had plenty of onlookers who seemed to enjoy watching us in our efforts to capture another one of God’s beautiful masterpieces!  The next couple scenes are painted from the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
The Colorado River - 9 X 12 - Pastel
The Colorado River – 9 X 12 – Pastel
Distant Haze - 9 X 12 - Pastel
Distant Haze – 9 X 12 – Pastel

All of the art work is approximately 9 X 12 inches painted in pastel.  If you’re interested in purchasing a sketch painted on location or a finished piece from my studio please send me a request on my Contact page.

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