Plein Air Painting on the Farm

A few weeks ago, on a lovely June afternoon, Sharon hosted a plein air day at her farm in Mid-Ohio. “Artists love the camaraderie while painting outdoors,” she said.¬† “We encourage and gain inspiration from nature and one another.” Even Pepper, Chuck & Sharon’s canine companion, watched eagerly, hoping to inspire one of the artists by posing a short distance away while the artists worked.

Plein Air On the Farm
Linda McKenna and Jane Johnson join Sharon for a plein air day on the farm.


Making a Plein Air Masterpiece – Maybe

Sharon painted three plein airs that day. Plein air paintings are a study of nature and light and are not meant to be finished works of art. Not all plein airs turn out as the artist intends because they are quick¬†sketches. “But, occasionally,” Sharon said, “one will be a keeper!” Of course, all her plein airs are for sale. And sometimes she even sells them on site. On that day, one of her paintings did turn out very nice with a beautiful display of afternoon light on the old milk barn.

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