Learn to Paint Using Personal Connections

Often Sharon selects subjects with which she has a personal connection.  By doing so, she has a greater desire to “get the painting right.”  “My Father’s Rose” is one such painting.

Learn to Paint Using the right subject like My Father's Rose
My Father’s Rose – Watercolor – 9×12 – Available

Sharon chose to paint a still life of her father’s yellow roses. He loved tending his flower garden, especially his rose bush. Sharon has always felt a special connection with her father’s favorite flowers because he lived in Texas for a few years and also, the yellow rose reminds her of one of her favorite movies “The Yellow Rose of Texas” staring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

Learn to Paint and Immortalize Your Past

Painting or drawing something that has personal meaning will bring out the passion in the work of art. If you are learning to paint, Sharon recommends using a subject that means something special to you. A subject that has meaning to a new artist will keep his/her interest and create a desire to finish the piece.  And when its finished the artist will have a beautiful painting that will last forever.

“My Father’s Rose” is available for purchase.  Contact Sharon for more information.

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